I want to express my gratitude for what you did for me in a couple of weeks. I moved to Toronto to get a job, but after listening to you at ELT classes, I realized that life is more than about a getting a job. I learned that instead of a job, I can build a career, I can leave a finger print and I can be a successful being that can influence the World.


What I learned from you was; dream big, live bigger, and believe in yourself. I studied over 17 years of my life, but nobody ever taught me that. So I want to express my gratitude. Every single thing that you teach me helped me to develop an image. I am sure that this image will create my path of success in Canada which is a true land of opportunities.


I want to say that I used your suggestions in my interview and I got a very good job as a result, but it is bigger than that, and I know what you and other members of ELT team have done for me is bigger that just one interview and one job. It is a process; encouraging a very positive mindset. I am sure it will change my life path in many ways.


I truly appreciate and respect what you did for me.