At the outset please do accept my sincere appreciation for offering an inspiring 5 hour session this morning. Most of the team members felt today's session was one of the most productive session with lots of learning in an understandable manner. The main reason is you had shared your experience and expertise with life like examples in a simple way without any jargon.


I personally had a phenomenal day of learning, with special mention on LinkedIn. Your suggestions to improvise our Linkedin profile's were extremely useful, The abbreviation of R & D..............will never be forgotten in my life time I guess....... There were many more learnings which I've had from today's session.


Last but not the least, you made each and everyone in the class feel strong about our past achievements and I for sure will certainly be proud of what I possess and also project myself at all times on need basis (30 sec elevated speech -- WOW). I wish you had the time and luxury to spend more number of days during the next few weeks with us so that the whole class will be benefited, 1 day (Wed) is just not enough for us to learn from your experience.


I see a light behind the tunnel................after today's session, you made me feel good about myself and what I am capable of!


K. R. Badhri Narayanan

K. R. Badhri Narayanan,