Communicate with Clarity and Confidence

Communicate with Clarity and Confidence

4 Ways to Ace Every Interaction with
Excellent Communication Skills.

By Murali Murthy

This should be easy. Think of the one skill every Canadian employer specifies in the job description irrespective of the industry sector or position. You guessed it right.
“Excellent communication skills” is one of the most sought after attribute desired by recruiters and also essential for you to achieve career success in Canada.

Remember, good communication encompasses the whole package – the spoken word, the written word, the non-verbal cues through body language and the way you dress, among many other things. Here are a few key tips in all four primary areas to express yourself with clarity and confidence and transform your communication style into a powerful personality trait.

> The Spoken Word.
> The Written Word.
> Non-Verbal Cues.
> Dress to Impress.

The Spoken Word
Be it face-to-face or over the phone, messages delivered in easy-to-comprehend short sentences, in a clear and articulate manner, with a strong, powerful voice, go a long way in exuding self-confidence even when you may not feel that way.

  • Speak powerfully. People with strong, dynamic voices are perceived as having more self-confidence, so make sure you talk with power in person or over the phone.
  • Modulate your speech delivery, breathe regularly and if needed slow down your rate of speech. This will add impact to the words spoken and improve overall speech quality. 
  • Take ownership of your ideas and deliver them with the importance they deserve. When you speak with determination, it shows you are in control of what you are saying, and influences the listener to process what you are saying.
  • Eliminate filler sounds, words and phrases like “um”, “uh”, “like”, “right?”, “well”, “maybe”, “you know”, “I mean. These contain no real meaning, but are often used to keep the speech flowing. Be conscious of how many times you use them and reduce them slowly. 

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